The Brewery Yard Scheme is planned to commence in early October and be finished by September 2009.

The Cattle Market redevelopment scheme has progressed beyond the public consultation stage and a design has been selected (Option 2 for those who attended consultation events or viewed the designs in the One Stop Shop). The design was selected by a Panel although the Bryn y Cwm Forum representative rejected all the proposals. Councillors have been informed that there will be a further opportunity for comment on the final design. I have only heard negative comments about these plans and personally found them disappointing. However I have not received any comments from Govilon people.

So please, if you do have views or concerns, let me know what you think and/or write direct to the Chief Executive, Councillor Peter Fox, Leader of the Council, or County Councillor Bob Greenland who is responsible for the project.

What happens in Abergavenny has a wider effect upon tourism, commerce and other aspects of the quality of life in the North of the County. So please make your voice heard