Monmouthshire Children and Young People’s Plan:

The Monmouthshire Children and Young People’s Partnership involves all local authority services such as education, social services, youth and community services, leisure, sport, road safety and anything which involves or affects children and young people. This Partnership has recently produced a Children and Young People’s Plan which was agreed by the County Council in July. This sets out what the County Council intends to achieve for children and young people between 2008 and 2011 and, most importantly, who is responsible for making things happen!

If you want to see the plan it is available on the County Council website and in Libraries. Also I have a copy and a copy will be available to see in the One Stop Shop.

This is one of 7 Plans or Strategies which the Council must produce in partnership with other major organisations Like the Health & Police services and the Voluntary Sector. It should give a clear direction to the development of all services. Most importantly the Council must work closely with other services to try and make sure that the services work together. We know this doesn’t always happen so please let me know about any problems or gaps in services or where you think there could be better working together.

The 7 County Council Plans or Strategies are:

Health Social Care & Well Being Strategy
Environment Strategy
Local Development Plan
Community Safety Strategy
Older People’s Strategy
Community Strategy
Children and Young People’s Plan

As well as the various plans and strategies there is also a Local Safeguarding Children Board which monitors local services to ensure that they take proper account of the need to safeguard children and young people as far as reasonably possible.

Review of Primary School Places:

I am very pleased to have been appointed to the Govilon School Governors. This is going to be an important time for our school because as some of you know there are too many primary school places in the North of the County. In the Autumn the County Council will be reviewing the need for primary school places and it seems certain that some smaller schools may close because it will not be economical to keep them all open.

I will be working hard together with staff, parents and other community supporters to argue the case effectively for a school in our community and I am very hopeful that we have a strong case for the continuation of our excellent school. We will keep you informed of progress.