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Govilon School – The Facts

MCC decided to review vacant places in Primary Schools in the Bryn y Cwm area but only look at schools outside Abergavenny – this is illogical, particularly as one Abergavenny school has 100 vacancies  They rushed to do the review before they looked at re-assessing the capacity of schools and before the Local Development Plans […]

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New Welsh Assembly waste strategy

Many Govilon people young and old, care deeply about the environment.  The Welsh Assembly Government is, rightly, giving a very high priority to the future of our children and reducing our ‘ecological footprint’.  Their new strategy ‘Towards Zero Waste: One Planet’ aims to reduce by drastically reducing waste and recycling.  MCC have done quite well […]

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Council News July 2009 – Budget, Policing & Market

Budget The County Council constantly pleads lack of resources but the final budget for the last year shows large underspends in a number of areas. The Audit Committee had only a couple of hours to scrutinise the budget and made numerous criticisms.  Many of us will follow up with further questions. Policing Gwent police has […]

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