The County Council constantly pleads lack of resources but the final budget for the last year shows large underspends in a number of areas. The Audit Committee had only a couple of hours to scrutinise the budget and made numerous criticisms.  Many of us will follow up with further questions.


Gwent police has now organised Community Policing in a more sensible way and we have PC Malwyn John and PSSO Georginna Care. Both are experienced officers who also cover Llanelly Hill and Gilwern. Many of you will have met them already and will know that they are very approachable and helpful.  They are keen to hear your ideas about what needs to be done.

You can contact them on 01495 233917 or malwyn.john@gwentppn.police.uk / georgina.care@gwentppn.police.uk.

Next PACT meeting 6th August at 12.00 am in the Village Stores.

Planning – Market

The redevelopment of Abergaveny drags on interminably and meanwhile the town is blighted by the uncertainty. Meanwhile on 14th July the Planning Committee will consider the controversial application for a new livestock market and ancilliary works including alterations to the Highway at High House Farm, Bryngwyn near Raglan.