As readers of my Newsletter will know there have been a number of concerns regarding the Policing of the area including a variety of road traffic and road safety problems and unsatisfactory PACT Meetings.

We are still waiting to hear from the Police the outcome of the monitoring exercise on traffic speeds on Merthyr Road. Recently, the new Traffic Inspector has said that she is willing to come to a PACT meeting so I will follow up on the offer.

Work is also in progress to design improvement in the junction at the bottom of Blaenavon Road – but the wheels grind very slowly.

The really good news is that the new Chief Constable of Gwent and his management team are planning to give a much higher priority to Community Policing. I have asked for a meeting with the Divisional Commander for Monmouthshire who has a force responsibility for community policing and hope to discuss these issues with him soon.

I am chasing up a number of issues regarding safer roads with both the Police and the County Council to see what we can together do to improve road safety. The wheels grind slowly which is frustrating but we will keep on keeping on to make our local roads safer.

If you have any ideas or concerns about Community Policing and/or about making Govilon roads safer please let me know.

To contact your neighbourhood police unit (non emergency issues only) phone 01495 233917. Do not use this number to call the Police to an incident. In an emergency always use 999.