Govilon Heritage

Get Involved

We want to involve village groups and individuals of all ages and interests as we:

  1. Celebrate our heritage through sales of our Village History Book, encouraging pride and interest in family and village memories and our village’s history, and sharing this with visitors.
  2. Develop educational material for our Heritage Trail, leaflets and website, using input from everyone from village school to pensioners club.
  3. Develop our community website, teaching IT skills to volunteers manning it, and encouraging participation/ contributions from all sections of the community, including the school, pensioners, local businesses etc.
  4. Encourage existing local voluntary groups and businesses to promote their activities and improve and extend services to visitors coming into the Blaenavon World Heritage Site
  5. Encourage the development of new businesses, crafts, and groups by offering them space to market themselves to residents and visitors alike.

We welcome involvement from any interested individuals or representatives from local groups and organisations. We need your input and welcome your contributions to any aspect of our projects.

Would you like to join our team? If you would like more information on Govilon Heritage, or any of our projects, contact us.

Supported by Dafydd Vaughan