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County Council News

Strategic Review of Primary Education in the Bryn y Cwm Area: I mentioned this in the last Newsletter and it has now started. As you know the child population has reduced over the years and there is a view that some schools may become too small to be educationally viable. All the Primary Schools in […]

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Local Policing

As readers of my Newsletter will know there have been a number of concerns regarding the Policing of the area including a variety of road traffic and road safety problems and unsatisfactory PACT Meetings. We are still waiting to hear from the Police the outcome of the monitoring exercise on traffic speeds on Merthyr Road. […]

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Road Safety

One of the issues which has been raised with me a number of times is that of road traffic in the village. Many people are concerned about the safety of pedestrians, especially children, and driving out of their property onto the road. Merthyr Rd and Blaenavon Rd are of particular concern but there may be […]

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