1871 census records

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Birth place County Country
Abbeydore Herefordshire England
Aberdore Herefordshire England
Abergavenny Monmouthshire Wales
Abergiwilly Breconshire Wales
Abersychan Monmouthshire Wales
Abertillery Monmouthshire Wales
Aberustryth Monmouthshire Wales
Aberyscer Breconshire Wales
Aberystwith Monmouthshire Wales
Aberystwith Parish Monmouthshire Wales
All Saints Herefordshire England
Ashwick Somerset England
Ballingham Herefordshire England
Bath Somerset England
Beaufort Breconshire Wales
Bedwas Monmouthshire Wales
Bedwelty Monmouthshire Wales
Berkley Gloucestershire England
Bicknoller Somerset England
Bidlington Rutland England
Bilston Staffordshire England
Binnegar Somerset England
Birmingham Warwickshire England
Bishpool Monmouthshire Wales
Bisley Gloucestershire England
Black Sea Born On Sea
Blackwood Monmouthshire Wales
Blaenavon Monmouthshire Wales
Blaina Monmouthshire Wales
Blakeney Gloucestershire England
Bodenham? Herefordshire England
Bosworth Northamptonshire England
Bowchurch Herefordshire England
Bradford Wiltshire England
Bradley Wiltshire England
Bradstone Herefordshire England
Brecknock Breconshire Wales
Brecon Breconshire Wales
Brentwood Essex England
Bringwyn Monmouthshire Wales
Bristol Somerset England
Bromage Staffordshire England
Brunsofo Herefordshire England
Bryngwyn Radnorshire Wales
Brynmaur Breconshire Wales
Builth Breconshire Wales
Caerleon Monmouthshire Wales
Caerphilly Glamorganshire Wales
Caldicot Monmouthshire Wales
Cardiff Glamorganshire Wales
Cardigan Cardiganshire Wales
Carmarthen Carmarthenshire Wales
Cathering Breconshire Wales
Cavanton Monmouthshire Wales
Cerigdarin Breconshire Wales
Cheetwood, Manchester Lancashire England
Chepstow Monmouthshire Wales
Chester Cheshire England
Chipping Norton Oxfordshire England
City of Hereford Herefordshire England
Cladock Herefordshire England
Clifford Herefordshire England
Cliffordmine Gloucestershire England
Clifton Tyne Worcestershire England
Clitha Monmouthshire Wales
Cloddock Herefordshire England
Clodock Herefordshire England
Clodock Park Herefordshire England
Clydach Breconshire Wales
Coalford Parish Gloucestershire England
Coalpit Heath Gloucestershire England
Coleford Gloucestershire England
Colford Gloucestershire England
Cork, Ireland County Cork Ireland
Cradley Staffordshire England
Cradley Worcestershire England
Crickeadarn Breconshire Wales
Crickhowell Breconshire Wales
Crosswell Herefordshire England
Curaway Hill Herefordshire England
Cwm Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmdu Breconshire Wales
Cwmdu Parish Breconshire Wales
Cwmyoy Monmouthshire Wales
Cwmyoy Parish Breconshire Wales
Darleston Staffordshire England
Devenog Breconshire Wales
Devon Devon England
Dinister Monmouthshire Wales
Donnington Lincolnshire England
Dorston Herefordshire England
Dowlais Glamorganshire Wales
Dublin Ireland Ireland
Dulas Parish Breconshire Wales
Dymock Herefordshire England
Earsley Herefordshire England
Ebbw Vale Monmouthshire Wales
Elmstrey Herefordshire England
Essex Essex England
Eyton Herefordshire England
Farnham Surrey England
Flower De Lee Monmouthshire Wales
Forge Mill Monmouthshire Wales
France France France
Frome Somerset England
Froome Somerset England
Garaway Herefordshire England
Garn Vach Monmouthshire Wales
Garnderris Monmouthshire Wales
Garndiffaith Monmouthshire Wales
Glamorganshire Glamorganshire Wales
Glascoed Monmouthshire Wales
Gloucester Gloucestershire England
Gorwell Breconshire Wales
Govilon Monmouthshire Wales
Goytre Monmouthshire Wales
Great Baddow Essex England
Great Malvern Worcestershire England
Gromont Herefordshire England
Grosmont Monmouthshire Wales
Grosmount Parish Monmouthshire Wales
Gwehilog Monmouthshire Wales
Halstead Essex England
Hartlebury Worcestershire England
Hay Breconshire Wales
Henbourgh Somerset England
Hentland Herefordshire England
Hereford Herefordshire England
Hope under Dinmore Herefordshire England
Hungerford Wiltshire England
Ireland Ireland Ireland
Kenchurch Herefordshire England
Kenton Devon England
Killpeck Herefordshire England
Kilpeck Herefordshire England
Kilpect Herefordshire England
Kingsland Herefordshire England
Kington Breconshire Wales
Kington Herefordshire England
Lambeder Breconshire Wales
Lambedor Breconshire Wales
Lampeter Parish Breconshire Wales
Lanarth Monmouthshire Wales
Lanbedor Breconshire Wales
Lanbister Radnorshire Wales
Lanigan Breconshire Wales
Latilo Pertholy Monmouthshire Wales
Ledbury Herefordshire England
Leicester Leicestershire England
Leigh upon Mendip Somerset England
Leominster Herefordshire England
Leyswen Breconshire Wales
Lion Mendip Somerset England
Little Malvern Worcestershire England
Liverpool Lancashire England
Llambeter Breconshire Wales
Llanarth Monmouthshire Wales
Llanathal Herefordshire England
Llanavon Breconshire Wales
Llanbeethin, Cowbridge Glamorganshire Wales
Llanborough Wiltshire England
Llandauger Herefordshire England
Llanddewi Rhydderch Monmouthshire Wales
Llanddo Breconshire Wales
Llandegley Radnorshire Wales
Llandeilo Pertholey Monmouthshire Wales
Llandello Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilio Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilo Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilo Parish Monmouthshire Wales
Llandilo Pertholey Parish Monmouthshire Wales
Llandissil Cardiganshire Wales
Llandolo Carmarthenshire Wales
Llandovery Carmarthenshire Wales
Llanelen Monmouthshire Wales
Llanellen Monmouthshire Wales
Llanellen Parish Monmouthshire Wales
Llanelly Breconshire Wales
Llanelly Parish Breconshire Wales
Llanelly, Parish Breconshire Wales
Llanferrin Parish, ? Breconshire Wales
Llanfihangel Monmouthshire Wales
Llanfihangel ------ Monmouthshire Wales
Llanfoist Breconshire Wales
Llanfoist Monmouthshire Wales
Llangannida Monmouthshire Wales
Llangaron Herefordshire England
Llangarran Herefordshire England
Llangarren Herefordshire England
Llangarron Herefordshire England
Llangatock Carmarthenshire Wales
Llangattock Breconshire Wales
Llangattock Glamorganshire Wales
Llangattock Monmouthshire Wales
Llangattock Hencoed Monmouthshire Wales
Llangattock Parish Breconshire Wales
Llangene Breconshire Wales
Llangenny Breconshire Wales
Llangenny Parish Breconshire Wales
Llanguinder Breconshire Wales
Llangunider Breconshire Wales
Llangynidr ? Breconshire Wales
Llangynier Breconshire Wales
Llanhamlooch Breconshire Wales
Llanhere Radnorshire Wales
Llanigon Breconshire Wales
Llanover Monmouthshire Wales
Llanover Upper Monmouthshire Wales
Llansamlet Glamorganshire Wales
Llantarna-- Monmouthshire Wales
Llanth--Skirris Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthew Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthewy Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthewy Rytherch Monmouthshire Wales
Llanthewy Skirrid Monmouthshire Wales
Llantilio Monmouthshire Wales
Llantilio Crossenny Monmouthshire Wales
Llantilio Pertholey Monmouthshire Wales
Llantillio Pertholey Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvayno Parish Herefordshire England
Llanvethrine Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvihangel Breconshire Wales
Llanvihangel Monmouthshire Wales
Llanvihangel Radnorshire Wales
Llanvihangel Parish Breconshire Wales
Llanwenarth Monmouthshire Wales
Llanwenarth Citra Monmouthshire Wales
Llanwenarth Parish Monmouthshire Wales
Llanwlda Carmarthenshire Wales
Madley Herefordshire England
Mager Monmouthshire Wales
Maidstone, Kent Kent England
Maindee Monmouthshire Wales
Mamhilad Monmouthshire Wales
Mangotsfield Gloucestershire England
Martley Worcestershire England
Marylebone London England
Marylebone Middlesex England
Merthyr Tydfil Glamorganshire Wales
Michael Church Herefordshire England
Michael Church Parish Herefordshire England
Michaelchurch Herefordshire England
Michaelchurch Radnorshire Wales
Middleton Radnorshire Wales
Mon Monmouthshire Wales
Monmouth Monmouthshire Wales
Mountain Ash Glamorganshire Wales
Much ? (Vowchurch) Herefordshire England
Muchbirch Herefordshire England
Muchdewchurch Herefordshire England
Nantyglo Monmouthshire Wales
Neath Glamorganshire Wales
Neuagh County Tipperary Ireland
New Church Radnorshire Wales
Newbridge Glamorganshire Wales
Newent Gloucestershire England
Newland Gloucestershire England
Newnham Gloucestershire England
Newport Monmouthshire Wales
Newton Herefordshire England
Norfolk Norfolk England
North Cadby Somerset England
North Surry Gloucestershire England
North Wales ? Wales
Nunney Somerset England
Okeford Dorset England
Oldcastle Monmouthshire Wales
Orcop Herefordshire England
Panteg Monmouthshire Wales
Pembroke Pembrokeshire Wales
Penrose Monmouthshire Wales
Pensford Somerset England
Peterchurch Herefordshire England
Pontest Monmouthshire Wales
Pontlotyn Glamorganshire Wales
Pontnewynydd Monmouthshire Wales
Pontypool Monmouthshire Wales
Priston Wiltshire England
Pwlldu Monmouthshire Wales
Radnor Radnorshire Wales
Raglan Monmouthshire Wales
Ragland Monmouthshire Wales
Rasa Breconshire Wales
Rhymney Monmouthshire Wales
Rockfield Monmouthshire Wales
Ross Herefordshire England
Scethrog Breconshire Wales
Scotland Scotland Scotland
Sherborne Gloucestershire England
Shobdon Herefordshire England
Shrewsbury Shropshire England
Silverdale Staffordshire England
Sirhowy Breconshire Wales
Sirhowy Monmouthshire Wales
South Moulton Devon England
St George Gloucestershire England
St James, Bristol Somerset England
St Margaret's Hereford Herefordshire England
St Margarets Herefordshire England
St Mary's Church Glamorganshire Wales
St Peter Monmouthshire Wales
Stapleton Gloucestershire England
Stoke edith Herefordshire England
Stoke in Church Oxfordshire Wales
Stourbridge Worcestershire England
Stretton Grandison Herefordshire England
Tacford Gloucestershire England
Talgarth Breconshire Wales
Talybont Breconshire Wales
Talywain Monmouthshire Wales
Tarllyn Breconshire Wales
Tenby Pembrokeshire Wales
Thornbury Gloucestershire England
Thornbury Somerset England
Tippin Staffordshire England
Tredegar Monmouthshire Wales
Trevethin Monmouthshire Wales
Trowbridge Wiltshire England
Turnastone Parish Herefordshire England
Unknown (Breconshire) Breconshire Wales
Unknown (Carmarthenshire) Carmarthenshire Wales
Unknown (Devon) Devon England
Unknown (Durham) Durham England
Unknown (Flintshire) Flintshire Wales
Unknown (Glamorganshire) Glamorganshire Wales
Unknown (Gloucestershire) Gloucestershire England
Unknown (Herefordshire) Herefordshire England
Unknown (Lincolnshire) Lincolnshire England
Unknown (Monmouthshire) Monmouthshire Wales
Unknown (Radnorshire) Radnorshire Wales
Unknown (Shropshire) Shropshire England
Unknown (Somerset) Somerset England
Unknown (Staffordshire) Staffordshire England
Unknown (Wiltshire) Wiltshire England
Upper Sapey Herefordshire England
Upton St Leonards Gloucestershire England
Usk Monmouthshire Wales
Varteg Monmouthshire Wales
Wednesbury Staffordshire England
Wells Somerset England
Welshluton Herefordshire England
Westbrom Staffordshire England
Westbury Wiltshire England
Westerlick Gloucestershire England
Weston Beggard Herefordshire England
Wichchurch Herefordshire England
Willetchurch Herefordshire England
Willington Somerset England
Wilson Wiltshire England
Wincanton Somerset England
Winterbourne Gloucestershire England
Wolverhampton Staffordshire England
Worcester Worcestershire England
Yate Gloucestershire England
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