Christ Church monumental inscriptions

Watkins, Elizabeth

  • Died: 27/12/1947
  • Age: 87
  • Birth date: 1860

Grave A211

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In loving memory of William, the beloved husband of Elizabeth Watkins (The Cottage) who died December 25th 1922 aged 74 years. Peace Perfect Peace. Also the said Elizabeth Watkins, died December 27th 1947 aged 87 years. Re-united. Also their daughter Agnes Watkins, died 1st April 1974 aged 84 years. Also their son Richard, died June 27th 1936 aged 40 years . At rest.
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Description: Cross on large family grave

Associated people:

Name Died Born Age Grave
Watkins, Agnes 01/04/1974 1890 84 A211
Watkins, Richard 27/06/1936 1896 40 A211
Watkins, William 25/12/1922 1848 74 A211
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