Christ Church monumental inscriptions

Grave A181

In Loving memory of Annie, beloved wife of William Fewthrell, died May 22nd 1931 aged 55 years. Thy will be done. Also the said William Fewtrell died January 4th 1942 aged 70 years. Angled headstone: In loving memory of Owen Edward Fewthrell 1901 - 1992 also Dorothy Fewthrell 1908 - 1994 Rest in Peace.
  • Location: Christchurch
  • Description: Headstone on kerb with additional angled headstone

The following people are associated with this grave:

Name Died Born Age Grave
Fewthrell, Dorothy 1994 1908 86 A181
Fewthrell, Owen Edward 1992 1901 91 A181
Fewtrell, Annie 22/05/1931 1876 55 A181
Fewtrell, William 04/01/1942 1872 70 A181
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