St. Peter's Church, Llanwenarth Citra monumental inscriptions

Grave D36

Side 1: Here rest the remains of the Reverend George William Gabb, for 36 years the Rector of this Parish, died November 9th 1859 aged 65.Also of Jane his wife, daughter of the late George Hogan Stacpoole, Esquire of Grabrien, County Clare, Ireland died August 22nd 1849 aged 58. Also Fanny Ann Gabb born 4th February 1825 died October 20th 1893. Side 2: In memory of Jane Gabb died at St Omer September 21st 1834 aged 14. Henry Hugh Gabb died at sea August 25th 1853 aged 24. George Stacpoole Gabb died at Newent May 10th 1859 aged 32. Stacpoole Gabb died at Melbourne, Australia June 1st 1859 aged 26. Daughter and sons of the Reverend William Gabb and Jane his wife. Elizabeth Baker Gabb, 2nd daughter of Revd Baker Gabb born 15th July 1821 died 17th April 1900.
  • Location: Plot D
  • Description: Column

The following people are associated with this grave:

Name Died Born Age Grave
Baker-Gabb, Elizabeth 17/04/1900 15/7/1821 78 D36
Gabb, Fanny Ann 20/10/1893 4/2/1825 68 D36
Gabb, George Stacpoole 10/5/1859 1827 32 D36
Gabb, George William 9/11/1859 1794 65 D36
Gabb, Henry Hugh 25/8/1853 1829 24 D36
Gabb, Jane (née Stacpoole) 22/8/1849 1791 58 D36
Gabb, Jane 21/9/1834 1820 14 D36
Gabb, Stacpoole 1/6/1859 1833 26 D36
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